Corporate consulting

Market entry advisory and Partners assessment

Assessment of the most suitable business set up and Partners (Agent, Distributor, Sales network).

Strategy planning, design, organization and support

Branding, Marketing and Sales strategy advisory. Organization design and planning.

Interim Management and Business representation

Proactive Management support/subsitute in case of Management transition or absence.

Structure & operations analysis and streamline

Review and re-engineering of Organization and Business Processes. Cost control and Operations efficiencies.

Merger and acquisition guidance and support

Advisory on deal structure, negotiations and transactions (including split deals with Agents and Distributors).

Cross-cultural harmonization training and coaching

Workshops to help international Teams to understand and cope with Japanese culture and work habits.

Emergency Response

Basic training (modules 1, 2, 3) & Fire training

Initial reflex, risks assessment, evacuation processes, reports and organization of survival base camp.

On measure Company Response Plan definition & set up

Tailor made organization and emergency plan to optimize response, smooth evacuation and efficient survival plan.

Leaders & Specialists roles specific trainings

Train Command Team, Evacuation Leaders, Fire-fighters and Rescue Team on their specific functions and duties.

Drills & exercises (including documentation and debriefing)

From basic to complex realistic situations. Teaching people to act with proficiency under pressure.

Nuclear Bacteriologic & Chimical risks training (Advanced, post Basic)

Initial reflex, risks assessment, evacuation and survival in case of a military/tactical strike.

Back-up documentation & Recovery Plan set-up

Crisis communication, required back-up docs, establishment of a contengency & recovery plan.