Shield your assets with a solid preparedness

Having a robust, updated and efficient Business Recovery Plan is critical to ensure the safety of your assets and the stability of your business.

With a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Strategy in place, you can minimize any disruption caused by unforeseen events such as natural disasters and other emergencies that could impact or threaten to block your operations.

By being prepared, you can quickly recover from any incidents and keep you business up and running, but not only. You can also avoid taking heavy losses and causing losses to your business partners. You can protect your company image by displaying solidity and stability in times of adversity.

So, here is my testimony:

In early 2020, Japan was seeing the first signs of the Covid-19 pandemic appearing. I was at that time President in charge of a portfolio of Brands belonging to a longtime established and listed Finnish Group. As we saw the wave of the pandemic expending like a tsunami over the world, we activated our Emergency Plan and BCP. Measures were immediately taken and in a very short period of time, about 95% of our office workers were working remotely, access to our office were regulated and new ways of working were adopted. Crisis communication was duly delivered upstream and downstream as our BCP Management Team was leading the operations according to our validated manual. Our business was safe, suffering "expected" damages on the physical retail side but compensating largely on the e-commerce side.
Today, I am proud to say that, thank to our preparatory planning and appropriate application of our BCP guidelines, our business expanded by double digits every year during that time and our profitability ratio was multiplied by four between 2020 and the time I left the Group at the end of 2022.

How many companies can brag about running a successful business during the Covid time? Some can, but unfortunately too few. How many of these successful businesses had no BCP? Only very few if not almost none of them I believe. And if any, I think they were lucky as they dared the Devil.
But betting only on luck or providence is not the safest choice I would recommend anyone to go for... At least not if that person aspires at being considered as a good professional.

Our mission is to help your business get prepared to face and overcome the heavy challenges you might face during violent disruptions. Being ready will help you focusing on the right things, so you can reach your goals and move to the next stage.